Old Logos That Still Exist Today

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Old logos are there for a reason. Not just to compare how much the graphic design industry has changed now or how designers create logos today but also to serve as evidence that the right branding strategy can last a very long time.

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You see, some logos have stood the test of time, remaining unchanged for decades, yet still instantly recognizable. Believe it or not, the right logo for your company can last a lifetime—assuming that you’ve designed it correctly.

Not to sound melodramatic, but old logos showcase the longevity and stability of the businesses they represent. After all, if these logos are still the brand identity we’re seeing today, that only means that the company ingrained a successful and profitable business.

Old logos that still exist today and never changed

We hate to break the drama on why you should create a logo that will last. However, we’re here to celebrate old logos that still exist today as they can help you create a brand that’ll continue to exist for a very long time. Here are old logos you should know about!

1.   Coca-Cola

one of the old logos - coca-cola in red and white
Photo Credit: 1000 logos

Yes, we’re starting with this addicting drink that’s probably been tasted by a lot of people in the world. Designed by Frank Mason Robinson in 1885, the Coca-Cola has remained largely unchanged for over a century.

We think everyone loves the Coca-Cola logo because it only consists of the brand name in Spencerian script. Though there have been minor adjustments to one of this old logos occasionally, it’s still that distinctive red-and-white color scheme we’ve known since the brand was born.

2.   Shell

one of old logos - shell logo in yellow and red color
Photo Credit: 1000 logos

Shell logo is one of the old logos and also the most enduring symbols in the oil industry.

The logo is literally a shell.

A shell depicts the company’s whole story and vibe. It features a distinctive yellow and red shell shape encasing the company name. Raymond Loewy designed the Shell logo in 1904.

Though there are minor alterations and modifications, the logo remained consistent over the years, especially maintaining strong brand recognition globally.

3.   John Deere

one of old logos - john deere in black and white
Photo Credit: John Deere

One thing you’ll love about the company John Deere is it is known for agricultural exploration and technology.  Founded in 1837 by John Deere, its logo featuring a leaping deer, has been associated with the brand since 1870s.

Don’t worry; you’re not the only one who initially thought this company was a car merchandiser because of its logo. But what can you say? John Deere wants to deliver quality and reliability just like many car logo corporations out there!

4.   Heinz logo

one of old logos - heinz logo
Photo Credit: 1000 logos

The Heinz logo is one of the old logos and is a classic, handwritten logo that has remained consistent since the 19th century. It was designed by Henry J. Heinz to showcase the heritage and commitment to quality of the brand.

At first, it’s hard to imagine how the Heinz logo didn’t change anything in the design. But if you look closely, you will see the resemblance of the first logo to the present Heinz logo, especially in terms of color and keystone-shaped label.

5.   Levi’s

one of old logos - levis logo in pale red
Photo Credit: DesignRush

Levi’s is another one of the old logos and is known for their world-renowned denim jeans. And ever since the company’s foundation in the 1800s, Levi’s has retained its iconic red tab logo. Though the logo we know today was first introduced in 1936, the first ever Levi’s logo is a bit far from the simple yet distinctive design the brand has today.

6.   Ford

one of old logos - ford logo in blue color
Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Getting a car from Ford is genuinely an accomplishment. This is not because you brag about your car because it was made by one of the most prestigious car manufacturers but because of Ford’s central aspect of branding. Just imagine driving around in your brand new Ford car with its logo imprinted at the front.

The Ford logo is another one of the old logos and it features a blue oval with the company name in white, and has been a constant presence since the company’s inception by Henry Ford in 1903.

What we like most about the Ford logo is it was introduced to showcase the brand’s simplicity and boldness – which we believe contributed longevity and widespread recognition of the brand.

Design a logo that will last for years

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As an AI logo generator, our team believes that if you can design a logo that will last for years, it will serve as your business’s core identity and help you grow the best branding strategies for the company. If you’re not convinced, here’s why you should design a logo that you think will stand the test of time.

  • Consistency: Keeps your brand looking familiar and dependable.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Saves you money in the long run by avoiding frequent redesigns.
  • Established Identity: Helps your brand become easily recognizable and memorable.
  • Timeless Appeal: Stays fresh and appealing, no matter the trends.
  • Credibility and Trust: Builds trust with your audience, showing you’re here for the long haul.
  • Ease of Recognition: Makes it easy for people to spot and remember your brand.
  • Adaptability: Works well across different platforms and settings, making your brand versatile.

If you think you’re ready, then so are we!

Logomakerr.ai offers many features that can help you design a timeless logo. Whether you need thousands of typographies, trending color palettes, split-font features, icons and symbols, font unique changes, product mockups, a brand center, or someone helping you get it right, Logomakerr.ai has it all!

This AI logo generator also offers pre-designed templates in a lot of industry so you don’t have to go all the way just to find the right inspiration for your brand!

Design a logo today and let your business be branded as an ‘experience player in the industry’.

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