Afraid of Using Artificial Intelligence? Here’s a Short AI Guide

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The beginning of Artificial Intelligence (AI) research gained momentum during the 1960s – and it’s not stopping anytime soon (or never for that matter).  It is said that AI changed the way we consume technology including logo designing or brand creation. In fact, it will change the world so much to the point that it […]

Logomakerr.AI Tips: Copyright in Graphic Design

copyright signs of C, R, CC, and TM

We can all agree that imagination knows no bounds – especially in graphic design. However, designers should still navigate the intricacies of copyright in graphic design to ensure that they can pour their heart and soul into crafting while safeguarding their creative outputs. This is true in every part of the art industry, including logo […]

4 Ways to Charge Clients for Logos and Other Design Services

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The average cost of logo designing is between $300 and $2,500, which is a hefty price for many startups and small business owners. Luckily, with the rise of AI logo generators and graphic designers in the gig economy, designing a logo for your brand can go as low as $30!  But if you still can’t get ahold of how […]

Do Colors Have Copyright? 7 Colors That Can Get You Sued When Used

color copyright

There are are more than 10 million colors in this world – and 7 of these colors have copyright.  We all know that originality is key when it comes to logo designing, painting, website designs, or any other form of art. Although it’s important to make your mark and ensure that you stand out from […]

Google Logo: What Makes It Geometrically Correct?

google logo

Despite the many AI logo generators and professional logo designers today, Google – one of the most profitable and famous companies in the world, has chosen to remain loyal to its logo and its color scheme over the years. In fact, one thing that has remained constant is their use of geometric shapes – making […]

JPEG vs. PNG: Which Image Format to Choose?

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In the digital age, images play a pivotal role in our online experiences. Whether you’re designing a website, sharing photos on social media, or sending pictures in emails, inserting your logo in the email signature, choosing the right image format is crucial. Sharing the photo on social media is difficult as JPG images do occupy space […]

Product Logo: Does Every Product Need Branding?

branding for project with idea and steps

Branding has never been more important—most especially in today’s highly competitive market. Sure, products need to be of the best quality, and branding comes second in relevance. But in the present, it is the other way around! If your branding is not compelling for your audience, they won’t dare to try your product. So, does […]

10 Inspiring Letterhead Examples for Effective Branding


The market is crowded with competitors today, and that’s one of the grim realities you must face if you are a business owner. Nonetheless, there are many ways to make your brand stand out, and branding like logo designs and letterheads plays a crucial role in achieving that distinction. Branding is the process that creates […]

Exploring Mixed Branding: How Combining Multiple Brands Creates Stronger Identity

the apple and nike icon placed in venn diagram with red and black background accordingly.

Traditional branding strategies have long been the go-to approach for businesses looking to establish their presence and differentiate themselves in the market. But there is a fascinating alternative that is gaining traction – mixed branding. As businesses strive to differentiate themselves, mixed branding, with its unique logo design and brand identity, has emerged as a […]

Branding Vs Non Branding: Which Approach Is Right for Your Business?

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Branding vs Non Branding. When you’re in the business for a while, you’ll know there’s a branding and non-branding approach. But what if you’re new to the industry and unsure of a white one to use for your newly-setup business? Just like any other choice in the world, each approach offers distinct advantages that can […]