Logo Maker Affiliate – Earn $30 for every logo sale!

logo maker affiliate

You know how good it is if you’ve used an AI logo maker. Your friends will love it too! Why don’t you share with them your personal affiliate code? They will get 30% off, and you will earn a $10 to $30 cash reward from every sale!

Here is how it works:

1. Enable personal affiliate link

Once you’ve registered on the website, click the “🔗My Affiliate Link” on your profile to create your personal affiliate code.

This code can be anything you want: your name, a social media account, or even a random string of characters.

logomakerr.ai affiliate program to create affiliate link with a discount code

2. Share your coupon to earn a cash reward

You can now share your personal coupon link or the coupon code with your friends—and they’ll get 30% off their logo purchase while you earn:

  • $10 for BASIC package
  • $20 for PRO package
  • $30 for BRAND package
logomakerr.ai affiliate program to create affiliate link with a discount code
logomakerr.ai affiliate discount code to enjoy 30% off on all logo downloads

We believe in the power of sharing. You can share on social media like Facebook and Twitter, your blog, or Tiktok!

posting the logo maker affiliate code on social media like facebook, twitter, tiktok

3. Withdraw your cash balance

Every sale you make with your affiliate link will be tracked, and you can withdraw the cash reward anytime—just key in your Paypal or Wise account, and we’ll make the transfer in 24 hours.

withdrawal of the commission earn from logo maker affiliate program

FAQ with purple background of the AI logo maker website

Frequently Asked Questions

Is PayPal the only method to receive affiliate payments?

Yes, at this time, we only support affiliate payout via PayPal. So please make sure you have a valid PayPal account to receive payment.

Can I use my affiliate link for my own logo purchase?

Yes, you can use your affiliate link for your own logo purchase. You’ll get 30% off and $20 in affiliate cash rewards for every sale you make that way.

What’s the minimum balance to request a payout?

The minimum balance to request a payout is $40. That means if you sell just two logos, you’ll hit the threshold and be able to withdraw at any time.

Can I create more than one affiliate link?

You can create as many affiliate accounts as you need, but each account supports only one affiliate link. If you have multiple websites or blogs that require their unique link, you can sign up for various accounts—but each account will only have one affiliate link available at a time.

I made a withdrawal but didn’t receive the payout.

When you make a withdrawal request, payment will be sent within 48 hours of making the request. If it takes longer than that and we haven’t gotten in touch, please contact us so we can investigate what’s going on with your payment at [email protected]

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