10 Basic Typography Rules

typography in dark blue background

Typography is the backbone of logo design. Choosing the right font can make or break a project because it greatly influences the message a brand wants to convey.  There are¬†five basic classifications of typography:¬†serif, sans serif, script, monospaced, and display. Of course, there are general rules on using each classification, and you can’t just choose […]

7 Most Productive AI Design Tools to Streamline Your Design Process.

productive AI tools with 3 working professionals wearing suit jacket and pose like superman flying

Creating any visual design like vector file, brand packaging, or even logo design has plenty of applications in and out of the business. Hence, graphic designers, illustrators, and anyone alike are highly valued individuals in the market. And just like any other skill, designing and learning how to – is not an easily acquirable skill […]

Logo Maker Affiliate – Earn $30 for every logo sale!

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You know how good it is if you’ve used an AI logo maker. Your friends will love it too! Why don’t you share with them your personal affiliate code? They will get 30% off, and you will earn a $10 to $30 cash reward from every sale!Here is how it works: 1. Enable personal affiliate […]

Logo Analysis: Twitter Logo

twitter logo analysis by logomakerr.ai

Twitter has succeeded in becoming a platform where everyone can express their opinion. We have all seen this iconic blue bird of the Twitter logo, but have you ever stopped to consider the design elements that make up this recognizable symbol? For graphic designers everywhere, this logo is an example of how a well-crafted design […]