Top 10 AI Ecommerce Tools for Startups

e-commerce word on a virtual shopping cart

We don’t think you’ve heard, but we love sharing AI tools you can find on the Internet today! From AI logo generators like to AI mockup tools, there is so much you can use for your business. But we’re not here to talk about ourselves because we’ve been doing that on our branded blogs […]

Old Logos That Still Exist Today

vintage TV in the brownish tiles wall

Old logos are there for a reason. Not just to compare how much the graphic design industry has changed now or how designers create logos today but also to serve as evidence that the right branding strategy can last a very long time. You see, some logos have stood the test of time, remaining unchanged […]

5 Features of That Can Help New Graphic Designers

graphic designers working on a project

We’re graphic designers, of course we’re constantly looking for AI logo generator features that’ll help boost our skills and strengthen the design community! Yup, we know that a logo can make or break your brand – and whether you like it or not, using an AI logo generator to create a cool logo will make […]

Grok Logo Analysis: The New Rebellious AI bot of Elon Musk

Grok logo on a laptop

We’ve seen how Elon Musk works. He’s truly a visionary in the tech industry and a CEO of successful companies like Tesla and SpaceX. Elon Musk has repeatedly spoken about Artificial Intelligence and how it can truly revolutionize the world. Since he’s a visionary, he recently unveiled an AI bot named Grok, which was developed […]

Success Behind NVIDIA Logo and its Tech Effect

Nvidia logo signage

NVIDIA is a company that has been making waves in the technology industry for over two decades. Founded in 1993, the company is known for its strong trading market and commitment to excellence in terms of computer graphics – we bet your computer is even using one of its products! However, NVIDIA’s technology is just […]

New Font Flex: Split Font Logo Changes

split font feature

They say that brand identity is the face of your business – and we couldn’t agree more! In fact, this is one of the reasons why we started creating an AI tool that can design a logo for your business or personal use. And just like any other AI tools you can find on the internet, we […]

7 AI Mockup Tool: How Does Your Design Would Look Like?

designer on the work desk

It’s easy to get lost in the creative process – especially if we’re talking about the packaging of your product or designing your brand new website! But since we’re all lucky enough to embrace the power of the internet, it’s a thing that we can really use some advice. Be it designing a logo for […]

The Bite of Innovation: Apple Logo Analysis, Branding, and History

Apple white logo above the main entrace of apple store

An apple a day keeps androids away. Get that? Kidding aside, the history of the brand Apple has been ahead of the curve for decades. With a net worth of at least $3 trillion, this US-based company is founded by Steve Jobs – a late pioneer of the personal computer revolution. He is also known […]

Logo vs Branding: Understanding the 4 Differences |

envelope and biscuits

Picture this: you see a sleek, stylized apple with a bite taken out. What springs to mind? Tech giant Apple. How about a golden “M” formed into arches? McDonald’s! Those instantly recognizable symbols aren’t just fancy designs; they are powerful tools. But are they the same as the full-fledged brands we know? Not quite. Let’s […] Logo Design Revisions Tips

designer revision

Ah, the age-old question that plagues entrepreneurs and designers alike. It’s a delicate dance of balancing creativity, client satisfaction, and the ticking clock. Striking the right chord requires navigating through the waters of feedback, tweaks, and the occasional “Can we try something completely different?”. In this journey of logo design, we’ll plunge deep into the […]