Top 10 AI Ecommerce Tools for Startups

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We don’t think you’ve heard, but we love sharing AI tools you can find on the Internet today! From AI logo generators like Logo Maker AI to AI mockup tools, there is so much you can use for your business.

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But we’re not here to talk about ourselves because we’ve been doing that on our branded blogs (and yes, we’re not stopping anytime soon). Still, we’re here to help you navigate a certain aspect of opening an e-commerce business: finding the right AI ecommerce tools!

Top 10 AI Ecommerce Tools for Startups

Artificial intelligence has the potential to transform the landscape of ecommerce industry. This is particularly true for startups who need to predict customer behavior, personalize recommendations, and automate their operations.

Without further ado, let’s set the stage for your business and take a look at the Top 10 AI Ecommerce Tools!

1.   Logo Maker AI – start with a brand logo

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Logo Maker AI transforms brand logo creation into an easy, delightful experience – especially for new business owners who don’t have the budget to hire a professional graphic designer!

As one of the best AI ecommerce tools, Logo Maker AI offers pre-designed logo templates, split-font feature, low one-time payment fees, professionally-designed logos, and many more! Here’s what you’ll love about this tool:

  • Simple logo creation process
  • Lots of design choices available
  • Helps establish your brand easily

PRICE: Starts at $29

2.   Jasper AI – perfect for your website blogs

AI ecommerce tools - Jasper AI landing page with logo and H1

Jasper AI revolutionizes content creation. There’s no denying that. With millions of users monthly, this AI ecommerce tool can generate engaging articles and blog posts for your website – leaving your readers satisfied with knowledge!

With this AI tool, you can always customize your content and make it look like it speaks to you! We’ve tried Jasper AI, and here’s why you’ll love it.

  • Makes writing blogs easier
  • Tailors articles for your audience
  • Helps boost your online presence

PRICE: Starts at $39 per month

3.   Brandwatch – discover new trends

Brandwatch AI landing page in black background with colorful logo

Stay on top of trends with Brandwatch. As one of the best AI ecommerce tools, Brandwatch allows you to equip your business with AI-driven analytics and stay ahead of the competition! Here’s what you’ll get with Brandwatch:

  • Discover emerging trends easily
  • Understand market landscape
  • Monitor online conversations, social media trends, and consumer sentiment

PRICE: Starts at $750

4.   Phrasee Ltd. – stay on-brand with your email marketing

Phrasee Landing page with computer screenshot in pink background

You can’t beat Phrasee Ltd when it comes to email marketing. Being one of the best AI ecommerce tools, it is armed with state-of-the-art AI technology so you can maintain consistency and resonance with your email communications – effortlessly!

Use Phrasee Ltd to:

  • Keeps your brand message consistent
  • Helps get more people engaged with your emails
  • Makes writing email content simple

PRICE: Starts at $50

5.   Landbot – chat with your customers easily

AI ecommerce tools named Landbot with 3 smiling people on their phones and laptop

Landbot redefine the ways businesses engage with their customers. Of course we want the seller to reply instantly and must be packed with information right away! And when it comes to that, Landbot is truly considered game-changer in conversational marketing.

Get Landbot for your business today and expect:

  • Talk to customers online easier
  • Chats with customers can be personalized
  • Helps get customers more involved

PRICE: Starts at $220

6.   RetentionX – keep your customers for a long time

RetentionX landing page with pink background and a person in pink shirt smiling

We know it’s a competitive business landscape out there. That’s why RetentionX – one of the best AI ecommerce tools, is using all their power to help startups like you anticipate customer needs, personalize experiences, and cultivate loyalty effectively.

If you want more sales, use RetentionX now and get:

  • Long-term customer retention
  • Personalized customer experiences
  • Predictive analytics for growth

PRICE: Starts at $19.99

7.   Octane AI – create a survey without fuss

Octane AI landing page with 3 different types of quizzes and 3D posters

Who says creating surveys are hard? With Octane AI, you can gather invaluable customer feedback easily so you can get effective insights about your business.

Whether you need it for product preferences, satisfaction levels, or gathering demographic data, Octane AI provides a hassle-free solution for writing surveys that resonate with your customers!

Get respondents today with Octane AI and get:

  • Hassle-free survey creation
  • Gather valuable feedback
  • Customizable survey templates

PRICE: Starts at $50

8.   Synthesia – create videos for your brand

Synthesia AI with typing video in blue background

Just like any other startups in the world, everyone wants to connect with their customers by creating videos for their brand. Synthesia, as one of the best AI Ecommerce Tools out there, allows you to produce dynamic and compelling visual content effortlessly.

Use Synthesia now to get:

  • Dynamic video creation
  • Brand-aligned visual content
  • Easy video customization

PRICE: Starts at $22

9.   OptiMonk – get a high and optimized click through rate

OptiMonk landing page with phones and person in white shirt smiling while shopping

Yes, you can elevate and optimize the conversion of your traffic to actual paying customers by using AI ecommerce tools like OptiMonk. From dynamic pop-ups to tailored messaging, this innovative platform offers a suite of tools designed to capture attention, inspire action, and nurture leads effectively.

With OptiMonk, businesses can optimize their conversion funnel with precision, unlocking the full potential of their digital marketing efforts and achieving sustainable growth!

Use OptiMonk now for:

  • Higher click-through rates
  • Optimized conversion strategies
  • Personalized user experiences

PRICE: Starts at $39

10.                Lavender – hands-on email marketing

Lavender landing page in purple background with 3D pop-ups messaging

We all need a guidance or two if we decided to open a business. Not everything happens overnight! With Lavender, one of the best AI ecommerce tools, you can do email marketing hands-off!

This AI tool allows you to create impactful campaigns that drive results, as well as analyze your performance metrics!

What you’ll love about Lavender:

  • Gives you expert advice on email marketing
  • Helps you with your email campaigns step by step
  • Shows you how well your campaigns are doing

PRICE: Starts at $69

Bonus Tool!’s AI Text Humanizer – ideal for transforming AI-generated text into human-like content

AI Humanizer is designed to take AI-crafted content & make it sound more engaging & relatable for human readers. It makes sure the output isn’t only unique but also easy to read &’s AI text humanizer

This AI humanizer transforms complicated text into reader-friendly content by restructuring sentences, substituting difficult words with simpler synonyms, & removing all unnecessary stuff.

What sets this humanize text tool apart from others is its ability to maintain the intended meaning of the text. So, you can benefit from this tool to add personal touch to your writing & make it more impactful.

Humanize AI content today with this tool to:

  • Save time 
  • Improve content quality
  • Boost your creativity 

Price: Starts at free of cost 

Final Thoughts

There are a handful of AI ecommerce tools that can help your startup. And if you don’t know where to start, you can always take a look at this list and get the most out of it. Be it a Logo Maker AI that can create a logo in minutes, or an AI tool that allows you to write articles with just a click, the internet is your oyster!

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