11 Most Popular Branding Colors (Per Industry)

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Color psychology is the study of hues and how they affect our consumer buying behavior. With that in mind, colors have a powerful impact on our emotions and movements. So whether it’s for logo designing or creating a website, some popular branding colors can make or break the growth of your business. 

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Studies have shown that colors can increase brand recognition by up to 80%, making color essential in creating a lasting impression on your audience. But do you know which color works best for different industries? If your answer is no, then keep on reading as we unveil the most popular branding colors per industry in this blog!  

What is color psychology and its impact on branding?

Color psychology means a lot in the world of branding. It studies how colors can influence an individual’s perception and buying behavior. Now, if color psychology is used strategically, colors will have the power to create a strong brand and impression on consumers – helping your business stand out in a crowded marketplace. 

The impact of color psychology on branding can effectively leverage your own branding strategy, targeting the right audience in a way you’ve never seen before. Remember that each industry has its own set of brand colors. 

Be it the vibrant Red of Coca-Cola, the calming blue of Facebook, or the inviting and playful yellow of McDonald’s, you have to choose the right one so your business can become synonymous, too!

What are the Most Popular Branding Colors?

Hold on to your paintbrushes because we’re about to dive into a world where colors rule the roost and brands build their empires on a single shade. Here are the most popular branding colors per industry.

Food and Beverage Industry 

  1. Red – At the top of the popular branding colors in the food and beverage industry is the ever-energetic and confident Red. This fiery hue grabs attention and symbolizes excitement and power. It’s no wonder that iconic fast-food chains like KFC and McDonald’s both have a touch of red that stimulates appetite and creates a sense of urgency.
popular branding colors in the food industry - logos of KFC and McDonald's

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  1. Green – Associated with freshness, health, and nature, Green is a color that is not new to many food and beverage companies like Whole Foods Market and Starbucks. The latter, for instance, has a green mermaid logo that represents their commitment to the environment and their love for all things coffee.
popular branding colors in the food industry - Starbucks logo

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Technology Sector

  1. Blue – Just like the vastness of the ocean or the boundless sky, blue has become synonymous with trust, reliability, and a sense of calm in the technology sector. From social media giants like Facebook and Twitter to tech titans like IBM, blue reigns supreme, making us feel safe and assured in the digital realm.

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  1. Black – Black exudes sophistication and power. Be it the sleek and mysterious Apple logo or the iconic swoosh of Nike, black brings a touch of elegance to the tech industry.
  1. Red and Orange – Just think of the boldness of YouTube’s iconic red play button of the fiery orange of Firefox – both igniting all of our curiosities and urging us to explore the internet. 

Fashion and Beauty Industry

From Chanel‘s iconic black and white logo to the little black dress that every fashionista must have in her wardrobe, black is a staple in this industry – and it’s not stopping anytime soon. 

  1. Black – Nothing beats the timeless elegance of black when it comes to making a statement. It’s a color that exudes sophistication, mystery, and a touch of rebellion. 
  1. Red – Surely, you have been in love with the red soles of Christian Louboutin shoes and the bold red lips that make heads turn. Just like what Kendall Jenner would say, “Never go on a day without red lipstick!”.
popular branding colors - Christian Louboutin shoes

Photo Credit: The New York Times

Healthcare and Wellness

  1. Blue – Blue takes center stage here for good reason. You see, color represents trust, reliability, and calmness – which is why soothing blue scrubs are worn by doctors and nurses, as well as your favorite wellness spa with serene blue tones. 
  1. Green – On the other hand, Green is a color that symbolizes nature, growth, and harmony. Unsurprisingly, many wellness brands opt for shades of Green to convey a sense of freshness and well-being.

Automotive Industry

  1. Black –  In pole position, we have the timeless and ever-sleek black. So, when it comes to luxury car brands like Mercedes-Benz and BMW, these companies often opt for this classic hue to showcase their refined, top-of-the-line craftsmanship and superior performance. 
popular branding colors in the car industry - BMW and Mercedes-Benz logos

Photo Credit: AutoBuzz

  1. Silver and Gray – Silver represents a futuristic and hi-tech vibe, while gray adds a touch of understated elegance. It’s no surprise that renowned brands like Audi and Tesla embrace these shades, as they perfectly embody their cutting-edge technology and avant-garde designs.

Design your logo with the right Color Scheme

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