11 Most Popular Branding Colors (Per Industry)

brand color in purple

Color psychology is the study of hues and how they affect our consumer buying behavior. With that in mind, colors have a powerful impact on our emotions and movements. So whether it’s for logo designing or creating a website, some popular branding colors can make or break the growth of your business.  Studies have shown […]

Do Colors Have Copyright? 7 Colors That Can Get You Sued When Used

color copyright

There are are more than 10 million colors in this world – and 7 of these colors have copyright.  We all know that originality is key when it comes to logo designing, painting, website designs, or any other form of art. Although it’s important to make your mark and ensure that you stand out from […]

How to Choose the Best Color Palette for your Logos?

Color Palette - Featured Image

Color plays a big part in business branding, and one of the most crucial steps in branding is identifying the color palette. This will help consumers decide whether your brand is interesting enough to purchase an item or service from.  Knowing how to present your business will help you choose a logo that will reflect […]