The 6 Best Free Logo Maker in 2023

the logos of the best logo makers 2023 Looka tailorbrands, designhill logomakerr.AI, canva

Finding the best free logo maker can be a daunting task. With hundreds of AI logo makers, it can be challenging to know which is the best for your business.

But what exactly is a logo maker? 

An AI logo maker is a machine-based learning technology that can easily generate many logo templates you can customize.

There are many online logo makerss over the internet, but most of them can only do minimal designs with limited templates. In fact, you may even get a logo with the same font, layout, and color design by different business names.

picture of a person sketching and creating a logo with a touch panel with glasses and sketch paper in fron t of him

But remember, a logo is a way to stand out from the crowd, stay a step ahead of the competition and draw the spotlight in a crowded marketplace. Therefore, choosing the best logo generators is worth the shot when you don’t have enough budget to get premium illustrators or have a design experience.

That’s why in this blog, we will review the top 5 best free logo generators that allows you to create logo for free, or for a minimal price!

Why Use a Logo Maker?

Hesitating to use one? Here are four significant reasons why a logo maker is a good option.


For those without design experience, using a free logo maker is the most affordable option. Although many were considered free online logo maker, most of them demanded affordable payment to download.

Ease of use

A great logo generator and designer prioritize user experience. No matter your level of experience, the step-by-step process for each logo generator should be easy and helpful.

Flexible possibilities

Most logo generators use a specific process where you input some information and generate suggestions for you at each stage. 

This implies that you get to consider a wide range of options before settling on a final design. And using free logo generators is a great way to discover your preferences.

No obligations

Create a logo now!
Use our logo maker to create a distinctive logo that conveys your brand’s values and differentiates you from competition.

Cons of an online logo generator

  • No designer feedback
  • Lack of distinctiveness
  • Limited customization
  • Temporary solutions or ways to get inspiration

5 Best Logo Generators to Watch Out For!

Given all the hundreds of logo generators out there, which one should you choose, and fits your need? Here are our top five pick!


Looka, formerly known as Logojoy, rebranded to Looka when they began to offer design brand kit services like business cards, presentation slides, social media profiles, etc.

An AI logo maker website landing page in 2023

The basic package only costs $20, which includes a low-resolution file (not transparent), while the premium package with multiple logo formats will cost you $65. 

The subscription plan starts from $96/year and can get on-brand marketing materials like business cards, branded merchandise, branded templates, and more.

Logo Maker AI

the AI logo generator homepage

The technology they use understands the best concept and idea of logo design and will instantly generate unlimited logo designs, just like what the brand tells.

Logo Maker AI has a “Logo Templates” page where you can browse a curated collection of more than 50,000 featured logos created by real users for inspiration.

You can even choose and make a unique logo you like and customize the logo name, color, font, layout, and symbol change – making it one of the friendlies logo generators out there! Plus, it requires no basic knowledge of editing at all.

The logo design preference selection on a logo generator

Logo Maker AI offers a competitive rate of $29 for a basic plan with a low-resolution logo and $59 or $99 with a high-resolution vector file logo and brand guidelines. You can also return for any edit and download the edited logo three days after the purchase.

Tailor Brands

Another best free logo maker is Tailor Brands, an online free logo generator for businesses. It features editing tools, logo templates, business cards, branded merchandise, and other social tools you can use to promote your website.

logo generator landing page in 2023

However, it can be a hassle since you must sign up before seeing any auto-generated logo designs. And the site has no pay-per-download plan but only a competitively priced subscription from only $9.90/month with a discounted annual plan.

The subscription includes high-quality logo files, access to its stock photos, and a 3-page website builder. But compared to the first three logo generators, the logo customization tool for this site is not user-friendly, with limited editing options.

AI Logo Makerr

This logo generator site has a sophisticated AI technology that you can utilize to generate logos that embody your branding niche.

landing page of AI Logo Makerr

The logo creation process starts as the site curates customizable logo designs you can personally tailor to fit your branding the best and it generally provides a seamless blend of AI innovation and creative freedom, crafting the perfect logo for your brand.

AI Logo Makerr is incredibly user-friendly so you can delve straight into logo curating with little to no designing experience starting at $29. They also offer $59 or $99 for high resolution vector files and complete brand kits and a generous 3-day grace period for any design changes on your curated logo so you can refine your brand new logo without a hitch.

Canva landing page 2023

To create your logo, you must sign up for a Canva account, type in your category, pick a template and customize it. However, you need to pay extra to remove Canva’s watermark.

For those without much design experience, Canva is a fantastic logo generator tool. You can alter the numerous templates available on Canva to match your brand’s goals. The logo maker tool is practical and provides flexibility concerning how a logo design can be altered to make it more distinctive.

Design Hill

The Designhill logo generator is simple to use. The logos were high-quality — although not designer-quality — and the step-by-step process was simple.

All you need is to enter your business name, choose from the logo templates, and create a custom logo based on size, font, color, and placement. However, you need to pay for the Premium package to download your logo in a .svg file format. landing page

While the logo generator is easy to use with many customization options, the app is not free, and the high-resolution logos are pricey.

For those without much design experience, Designhill provides a high-quality logo generator tool. 

The Enterprise package, however, includes additional assistance from one of Designhill’s qualified logo designers. This feature can be highly beneficial for those willing to pay a premium.

Free logo design made simple.

Your logo is an essential part of your brand. Without it, the people and your target market won’t know who you are and what your brand is for.

Create a logo with AI in seconds!

Pick which is best suited for your budget, social media, business needs, and goals. Logo creation doesn’t need to be expensive and challenging. 

All you need is a trusted logo generator tool, and you’ll be well on creating a unique logo for your business.

Wrapping up!

CTA button with a text "make logo" on Logomakerr.AI

A DIY logo is a fantastic choice for a one-time project or even as a mockup logo for presentations and pitches. It’s also useful if you need a quality placeholder logo for your brand while it’s still developing.

With the right inspiration and goal, you can successfully create an effective logo for your business.

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