Afraid of Using Artificial Intelligence? Here’s a Short AI Guide

AI and human connection

The beginning of Artificial Intelligence (AI) research gained momentum during the 1960s – and it’s not stopping anytime soon (or never for that matter).  It is said that AI changed the way we consume technology including logo designing or brand creation. In fact, it will change the world so much to the point that it […]

10 Most Popular AI Tools and Software for 2023

AI graphic tools

There are 93% of mobile users who utilize Artificial Intelligence today. Whether you like it or not, companies with popular voice assistants like Google and Amazon use AI to ensure you get all the needed services.  More so, 77% of businesses use AI tools to cater to all their needs, be it a logo maker AI, digital marketing, or […]

Popular AI Products, Brief Comments & Their Logos

Official logo design of OpenAI's Chat GPT website on a green background.

As an AI logo maker startup founder, I’ve been following closely what’s happening in the AI world. Here are some AIGC (Artificial Intelligence Global Company) products that I have used and found to be popular or interesting in 2023. I will update the list anytime. If you have any interesting AI products, please comment, and […]

Logomakerr.AI: Future of Logo Design?

is instant logo makers the future in logo design?

Are you tired of spending hours or even days trying to create the perfect logo for your business? Are you tired of hiring a logo designer, negotiating the price for the project, writing a detailed description of what your business is all about, and going through multiple rounds of meetings and revisions? If so, it’s […]

Why Should You Resort to Artificial Intelligence Logo Maker?

Artificial Intelligence Logo Maker - Featured Image

Maybe you want to make a logo for your business. Yet, you might wonder if using artificial intelligence or creating an ai logo is a good idea.  To tell you honestly, there are some benefits to using AI that few people are aware of. But then, when it comes to using an artificial intelligence logo […]