20 Best AI Productivity Tools (By Category)

AI productivity tool

It’s a dime a dozen for many AI productivity tools that are available on the internet today. Whether it’s a coveted AI logo generator, personal note taker, hearing-assistive devices, or an AI tool that generates unique bedtime stories for your child, Artificial Intelligence is making its mark in the realm of productivity tools. 

Though many people feel aversion towards AI, many busy people consider it a blessing in disguise – primarily how AI streamlines your tasks, enhances efficiency, and saves you valuable time. So, to help you climb the bandwagon, here are the 20 Best AI Productivity Tools you should use by category!

AI Mobile Apps

  1. HeardThat
AI Productivity Tools

HeardThat uses AI to turn any smartphone into an advanced hearing-assistive device. This is perfect for people who have trouble hearing conversations in noisy places. This AI productivity tool offers a one-month free trial period and costs $9.99 to subscribe. 

  1. WaveAI Note Taker
AI Productivity Tools

Who says recalling key information from meetings, classes, and day-to-day agenda is challenging? With WaveAI Note Taker, you can record audio and the tool will turn it into generative transcripts for you to read and look back on later!

  1. Deepen

Express yourself freely with Deepen. This tool is an AI-powered mental wellness app for you to explore your thoughts and feelings, as well as allow you to understand your feelings better than ever. 

  1. Loop English 
AI Productivity Tools

If you’re on the lookout to understand English better, look no further than Loop English! OpenAI powers this AI productivity tool and has the ability to provide video dictionaries, English lessons, and other hyper-personalized ways for you to learn the language.

AI Email Tools

  1. tinyAlbert
AI Productivity Tools

The name ‘tinyAlbert’ speaks for itself. This AI productivity tool is perfect for Shopify owners or other small online business owners who want to captivate their audience’s attention by creating professional emails. It also allows the users to identify patterns and trends that they can use to their advantage.

  1. Mailscribe
AI Productivity Tools

Mailscribe is another AI email marketing platform that many love because it can quickly create beautiful, newsy, and encouraging emails. The app also has a drag-and-drop editor, pre-designed templates, and other AI tools that can help you sound professional. 

  1. Deep Clean
AI Productivity Tools

Deep Clean makes clearing out your inbox easy! This AI productivity tool works with any email service you can think of, so you won’t have to pay extra for storage space again. It also frees up storage by deleting useless emails like those from promotional channels or social media outlets. 

  1. Chat GPT Writer
AI Productivity Tools

Everyone agrees when we say Chat GPT can do anything – because it is true. Chat GPT Writer is powered by Chat GPT and OpenAI, which helps you write emails, texts, image captions, and more. 

AI Lifestyle Tools

  1. Soula.Care
AI Productivity Tools

Raise your hands, new moms! Soula.Care is here to take care of all your round-the-clock educational needs when caring for your babies. This is one of the best AI productivity tools because of its evidence-based content and practical tips. Soula also offers customized pregnancy planners and trackers. 

  1. Youism
AI Productivity Tools

Self-expression and productivity go well together like salt and pepper. Youism is where you can get supportive personas by creating stories, games, captions, and other simple templates they have. 

  1. BirthdayAI
AI Productivity Tools

Make a wish and blow the candles out with BirthdayAI! This is one of the AI tools for productivity that offers timely reminders so you won’t forget any special occasions for your loved ones. 

  1. PetCoco
AI Productivity Tools

Let your pet’s needs be heard with PetCoco. Metasoma develops these AI productivity tools to ensure that your pet has the exclusive medical report it needs whenever there’s a veterinary emergency. PetCoco uses artificial intelligence to customize health reports for your animal friend by recording its food consumption, mood, and weight. 

  1. Logomakerr.ai
AI Productivity Tools

Craft logos in 1 minute with Logomakerr.ai. As one of the best AI productivity tools in this category, Logomakerr.ai provides peace of mind for new small business owners when creating their brands. The tool offers a handful of pre-designed templates that you can customize and thousands of options for colors, typographies, and icons!  

Health & Fitness AI Productivity Tools

  1. Luminaries
AI Productivity Tools

If you want to access expert knowledge and advice on mental health, finance, relationships, and more, Luminaries is the perfect app for you! This tool uses AI chatbots so you can receive guidance and achieve your goals in no time. 

  1. FitnessAI

With over 5.9 million workout programs, FitnessAI lets you in for a treat as they utilize an AI fitness assistant with personalized exercise and a user-friendly interface. 

  1. Clearmind

Say goodbye to chaotic thoughts and free your mind from negativity with Clearmind. This AI productivity tool is a favorite of many because it can turn your emotions into actionable insights. It tracks your mood and emotional patterns and allows you to chat with an AI assistant that provides the cherry on top: customized meditation. 

  1. FormFusion
AI Productivity Tools

Analyze your movements and avoid lousy form in your fitness endeavors, be it calisthenics, bodybuilding, or CrossFit! FormFusion is an app that takes advantage of artificial intelligence. It offers timely feedback about your form and helps you perfect it by providing beefy fitness coaching and exercise routines! 

AI Finance Tools

  1. Billy
AI Productivity Tools

Creating an invoice with Billy has never been easier! This AI-powered invoicing app creates your business invoices in a snap. It offers a 7-day trial and can be integrated with Stripe. The paid plan, however, allows you to create unlimited invoices, emails, and PDFs. 

  1. Gem
AI Productivity Tools

Get the up-to-date news and affairs in the Finance Industry with Gem. This AI productivity tool offers stock, mutual funds, and bonds summaries, so you only need to look at one app rather than doing the research all by yourself. 

  1. Ask AI Credit Expert
AI Productivity Tools

Your credit score is essential. That’s a phrase stuck on Ask AI Credit Expert’s goal since its beginning. This tool is a free, user-friendly platform that offers relevant information about your credit score, as well as provides a broad spectrum of advice on how you can improve it. 

Final Thoughts

With the right AI tools at your disposal, you can supercharge your productivity and achieve your goals more effectively than ever before. Explore these innovative tools and discover how AI can revolutionize your productivity today!

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