Top 8 AI Tools for Small Business and Startup

New Ai tools 2023

We can all agree that AI tools for small business and startups are no longer a buzzword. From using AI software to make a logo, like AI logo generator, to staying ahead of the game, the rise of AI technology has indeed had a beneficial impact on the business processes and overall productivity. 

In fact, the modernism of AI allows entrepreneurs to have chatbots that can provide customer support 24/7 to predictive analytics that help make data-driven decisions. As well as boost their sales and marketing efforts through AI-automated marketing campaigns and content.

Gone are the days when AI was solely reserved for large corporations. Today, AI tools for small business and startups are leveraged more than ever! To help you do that, here are the ten best AI tools for small business and a startup!

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Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse AI excels at generating top-quality content on a large scale. Whether you need blog posts, product descriptions, advertising copy, landing page content, or even AI-generated images, Hypotenuse AI has got you covered.

Hypotenuse AI website screenshot

Key Features:

  • Research factual information
  • Blog article workflow
  • Bulk content generation
  • Automatic SEO optimization
  • Extract insights from documents
  • Bespoke AI voices

Logo Maker AI

Another one of the best AI tools for small business is Logo Maker AI. This Ai logo maker tool is a digital designer that lets you craft a high-quality logo in no time. 

A part of a landing page of an AI logo generator website,, showcasing mockups for a brand called backstory

Logo Maker AI takes the creative stress out of branding and makes your startup look like a million-dollar company. 

What’s more, this AI small business tool offers hundreds of pre-designed templates that you can customize using their endless symbols, colors, and typography choices!

Here’s what we think you’ll love about Logo Maker AI:

  • A handful of pre-designed templates are available
  • Allows you to upload your preferred font
  • In partnership with Google Fonts
  • Digitize your old logo using Logo Maker AI
  • Reasonable pricing


Get ready to easily win over your customers by utilizing Tiledesk! As one of the best AI tools for small business, this is perfect for businesses that want to design, test, and launch their chatbots and get unified messaging with easy integration on different platforms, including Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

cut screenshot of talkdesk landing page featuring a woman talking through headset microphone while writing on a notebook

Why you’ll love Tiledesk:

  • Automate conversation
  • No coding skills required
  • Allows you to showcase products in no time
  • Offers Generative AI Chatbot


Mixo is a website generator that never sleeps. With a simple, short, yet informational description of your startup business, as one of the best AI tools for small business, this will create tons of landing pages, email signup forms, and everything your new website needs to get your business off the ground!

AI tools for small business - Mixo

Best Features of Mixo:

  • No code or design is required
  • Customize your website in just a matter of seconds
  • Offers integrated subscriber management tools
  • Trusted by world-renowned business task hubs, including Slack and Eventbrite.


A back office is essential for small businesses, especially if the organization keeps growing daily – kudos! Given this, you need an AI software platform to manage your business’s back-office, repetitive tasks without the extra cost! 

AI tools for small business - Bitskout screenshot

Say hello to Bitskout – an AI-powered tool that allows you to create plugins, extract data from emails, craft an invoice, purchase orders, and write your bank statements in less than 10 minutes!

What we love about Bitskout:

  • Allows you to test plugins directly
  • With over 40 templates for you to start
  • Offers free trial

Stellar AI

Another top-notch AI small business tool on our list is Stellar AI. This tool crunches numbers, spots trends, and offers insights that help you confidently navigate the business galaxy. The platform even offers a free demo to see if it best suits your business!

screenshot image on the website with a text that shows how they can help you find the perfect influencer for your campaign

 Best features of Stellar AI

  • Data-driven business health summaries
  • Digests insightful recommendations to drive business growth


Sapling allows you to let your audience feel royalty from day one. With this AI business tool, you can chat, email, or call your customers with a composed response. It also provides real-time messages that you can customize whenever you are launching a new product or have some exciting news to share! 

screenshot of a landing page of the AI business tool website Sapling.

Why we love Sapling:

  • Language model copilot
  • You can respond to your customers simultaneously
  • Autocomplete technology
  • Improve grammar and message quality


Last but not least is Tability. This AI business tool is like the GPS for your business goals. It shows the way and gives you a sneak peek into the journey. It’s the road trip planner for your startup’s success, complete with data-driven pit stops!

screenshot image from the tability website on how you can use their tool to create smart goals

Here are the features of Tability we think you’ll love!

  • Easy-goal setting
  • Compare OKrs
  • Instant reports and presentation mode
  • Stay in touch with your team

Going to Use AI Tools For Small Business You’re Planning to Put Up?

Embrace AI’s possibilities and watch as your small business or startup achieves new heights. Remember, the future is AI-powered, so why not harness its potential today?

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If you think that we are missing your AI tool and you think that your tool could be one of the Top 8 AI Tools for a Small Business and Startup, please write to us at [email protected]  

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