Top 10 AI Graphic Design Tools to Enhance Creativity

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Artificial intelligence is more than content creation, logo maker, or developing a comprehensive business plan. This software also unleashes the creativity of many designers – professionals or newbies. 

Thanks to AI, graphic designers can now access new resources to help them knack their passion for graphic arts! 

But if you don’t know where to start, this blog post will reveal the Top 10 AI Graphic Design Tools to Enhance creativity – particularly for graphic designers. From Canva to Logomakerr.AI, here are the AI graphic design tools for your seasoned art projects.

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Top 10 AI Graphic Design Tools to Enhance Creativity

Are you ready to explore a new world of possibilities and take your graphic designs to new heights? Remember, we only accept the answer of yes! Here are the top 10 AI graphic design tools that take the design world by storm. 


A sample of the Canva online graphic design platform, showing both the browser and smartphone interfaces.
Photo Credit: Canva

Canva is like an online art studio. It’s one of the popular AI tools for graphic designers because it’s easy to use and it’s free. Though the app offers in-app purchases, Canva can be your creative.

This tool became popular because of the friendly community it offers. Today, it’s also an AI design graphic tool for designers who want to hack their inner Picasso move! 


The landing page of AI graphics generator website
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Ever wanted a magic wand to jazz up your designs? is your AI graphic design tool genie. This tool can add the “wow” factor to your designs as it allows you to blend geometric shapes and celestial elements without fuss! is a unique pattern generator that graphic designers can use. You may also explore its endless possibilities by adding clip art, stickers, wallpapers, emojis, and gradients to your designs.


The landing page of the AI easy-to-use photo editor Luminar.AI
Photo Credit: Luminar NEO

Artificial Intelligence powers Luminar AI as an easy-to-use photo editor. Your photos will go from “meh” to “OMG!” in a flash. It’s like having a personal paparazzi and retoucher following you around.

What we love about Luminar AI is it is one of those AI graphic design tools that’s simple yet feature-packed. You can use it to enhance landscape art, retouch portraits, create a different art style, or remove unwanted details from your project. 

Remember that Luminar AI is not free, but they offer a trial version for all the app’s features.

A white start for free button for AI graphic design tool
Photo Credit: Palette.FM

Imagine having a world of colors at your fingertips. lets you get the trendiest colors you spot on the internet and use them in your own creative projects.

The main objective of this AI graphic design tool is to turn any black-and-white photo into full color. So say goodbye to those manual fixes and let colorize old photos quickly and easily! 

Object Remover

Magic eraser tool option of the AI graphic design tool Object Remover

The name of this AI graphic design tool says it all. Object Remover allows you to clean up your photos in a snap! Object Remover does the job like magic, whether you want to ditch that pesky “photo bomber” or eliminate an unwanted object from your pics. It’s like erasing the past with just a few clicks.

What we love about Object Remover is that it’s free to use! There are no in-app purchases or tricks, just pure fixing tools that cater to your image editing needs. Leave no traces behind and conveniently repair product shots, professional images, or graphic projects. 


The landing page of the AI graphic design tool website Icons8.

Icons8 is a treasure trove of face swaps for every occasion. Need an intelligent upscale, background remover, or face swapper for your design? Icons8 has it all. 

You can use this AI graphic design tool by simply uploading images in JPEG, PNG, or other formats and selecting the size you prefer (usually up to 4K). 

Icons8 will then sharpen your image, swap your face with your favorite celebrity, or retain it with complete clarity and detail! This tool is one of the AI graphic design tools that’s loved by many because you can use it without the hassle of logging in or creating an account. Plus, it’s free! 


The editing option page of the AI graphic design tool website Remini.

Remini has your back if you need an image sharpener, denoiser, old photo restorer, photo enlarger, color fixer, and face enhancer. Remini is like a time-travelling camera that turns old, blurry memories into crystal-clear moments. Your ancestors would be impressed.

What we love most about Remini is their top-of-the-line photo editor that can transform any old photo into an HD masterpiece. 

In fact, this AI graphic design tool garnered lots of attention earlier this year because of its “baby AI generator”, where couples get a glimpse of how their child would look in the future. More so, all their features help you effortlessly generate unique and eye-catching designs! 


The landing page of the AI graphic design tool website designify

Transform your plain image into a work of art with Designify. This AI graphic design tool allows you to create automatic designs to have professional-looking photos in no time! Designify can also remove backgrounds, enhance colors, and adjust smart shadows of any image you prefer! 

Designify also allows you to edit multiple images at once using their 1 API Call feature while developing a high-resolution, realistic image quality. 

Lastly, you can use Designify for free, but opt for Designify Pro, which gives you access to image quality of up to 1440 x 1440.


The actual editing page of the AI graphic design tool Pixlr

Ninth on our list is Pixlr. If Photoshop’s a little too intimidating, Pixar’s got your back because this AI graphic design tool gives you all the power without the steep learning curve.

From image generation to a plethora of templates in their library, this one-click visual editor won’t give you a headache trying to figure it out – making it perfect for seasoned or starting graphic editors! What’s more, you can also use Pixlr to animate and edit photo timelines quickly and easily.

The homepage of an online AI logo generator website logomakerr

Last but not least is! Whether you are launching a new business, starting a blog site, or want a snazzy symbol for a secret club, many graphic designers love this AI-powered tool because of its ease of use! allows you to customize every design aspect, from adjusting colors and fonts to rearranging elements and adding special effects! With its intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, you can easily experiment with different design variations until you achieve the desired result.

What you’ll love about is that it offers thousands of typographies, symbols, colors, and shapes to choose from. The tool has partnered with Google Fonts to ensure you get the best of both worlds.

 And oh, did we mention that it’s totally free?

Final Thoughts

With technological advancements, Artificial Intelligence has become a game-changer in graphic design. These tools offer a wide range of features and capabilities to streamline your design process and take your creations to the next level. 

Whether you’re a professional designer or just starting, incorporating these AI tools into your workflow can help you unlock new possibilities and push the boundaries of your creativity.

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So go ahead, explore these amazing tools, and let your imagination run wild!

If you think that we are missing your AI tool and you think that your tool could be one of the Top 10 AI Graphic Design Tools to Enhance Creativity, please write to us at [email protected]  

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