What Is A Slogan in Logo?

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You may be familiar with some famous brand phrases like Nike’s “Just Do It,” or Adidas’s “Play Hard.” Well, these catchy expressions are called ‘slogans‘ accompanied by their logos.

If you want to create an unforgettable brand for your business, one of the first things to consider is to come up with a memorable slogan. You may ask, what is a slogan? Well, they are one of the most powerful tools to get the word out about your products and services.

If you’ve ever been to an ad agency, you may have heard this term tossed around. But what is a slogan, and what does it actually mean? Why would you want to use one, anyway?

Ice cream logo slogan

What is a Slogan?

A slogan is a concise statement that allows you to communicate your business vision, culture, and values excitingly and memorably. It’s typically used as the primary branding component for advertising, social media, and web content.

You can easily create catchy slogans with an ai slogan generator or ai paragraph writer just for your brand. It not only makes catchy slogans but also helps summarize or rephrase them.

In marketing and advertising, slogans are the catchphrase you use to represent your brand. If the purpose of your ad is to promote your business, a slogan would be used to attract attention and convey your business’s brand message.

Slogans typically appear at the end of a headline and/or the beginning of the body of a blog post or website page.

Think of it this way. When you hear a catchy song, you automatically associate that song with a particular brand. And if you see a cool billboard, you’ll think the company has a cool personality and vibe.

Slogans are a lot like those: they’re a way to connect your brand to your audience in a single memorable phrase. They should be short, sweet, and clear, and a slogan should never be longer than three words.

3 Popular Examples of a Slogan

The power of a slogan, especially in advertising, is undeniable. Slogans are memorable, and they grab your attention and get you excited about the company’s products. But how do they work? How do companies come up with such clever phrases?

Here’s a little secret: not all slogans are created equal, and some are just clever; others are based on something deeper. Let’s look at some popular slogans:

Apple’s Slogan: ‘Think Different’

People can connect with the Apple brand technology because it’s a premium brand that sells higher quality products than its competitors.

Apple Think Different Slogan

The ‘Think Different‘ slogan was introduced by Apple’s co-founder, Steve Jobs. It was based on the idea that the brand wanted to differentiate itself from its competitors. Although, issues arise as it’s been

McDonald’s Slogan: ‘I’m Lovin’ It.’

When people say, “I’m lovin’ It,” they feel good about something or someone. Likewise, McDonald wanted their customers to feel that way. They never claimed to be healthy fast food, but they offer the convenience of making their customers enjoy their dining (or take out) experience.

Mcdo Slogan Im Lovin It

McDonald’s simple slogan created an immediate sense of feeling good about oneself, something that McDonald’s has been known to do since it opened its doors in 1955.

Maybelline’s Slogan: ‘Maybe she’s born with it.’

The brand’s former tagline is one of the industry’s most recognizable beauty and makeup brands. Maybe this shows that everyone has a natural beauty, or perhaps it’s because of Maybelline.

Maybelline Slogan

Although the tagline was changed to “Make IT Happen” in 2016, the former Maybelline slogan remains powerful and memorable for anyone who has used the brand and makeup in general since early 2000.

These slogans are all examples of how the power of slogans can be used to increase brand recall, build brand recognition, and promote products. But remember that the best slogans are not always catchy, and they should be simple and memorable.

How to Create a Slogan with Logo Maker AI?

Every slogan is accompanied by a logo design (and vice versa). So, how can a logo maker Logo Maker AI help you create a slogan?

Simply type in your brand name, and choose among the thousands of available ready-made logo templates. Once you have your best pick, you can click the “edit” button and customize the symbols, layout, fonts, and colors.

InstantLogo logo slogan edit

On the customization page, click on the “slogan” on the top right, and type in the catchy slogan you and your marketing team have thought of, choose the slogan layout. Click save or buy, and there you go!

In just a matter of minutes, you can have your logo and slogan on a single platform.

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