12 Major Types of Graphic Design You Need to Know!

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What makes you stop when you see a logo, poster, or beautifully designed website? These captivating colors, artful arrangements, and interplay of typography are all possible thanks to graphic designers and their industry! Graphic design is the creative powerhouse behind the visual world we inhabit. It’s an art that permeates every aspect of our lives, […]

How to Become a Graphic Designer Without a Degree?

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There is a common misconception that one must have a college degree in the field to become successful in graphic design. While a degree certainly helps, it is not a requirement. In fact, many successful graphic designers could design logos, create visual concepts, and communicate their ideas to inspire and build their careers without formal […]

Graphic Design for Beginners (No Designing Skills & Experience)

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Being a graphic designer means you can communicate in a visual language. From logo designing to billboards and websites to mobile apps or any other marketing materials, there is so much more a graphic designer of today’s era can do, including utilizing tools like an AI logo maker. However, for a beginner, graphic design can […]

What is Stylescapes? (And Its Difference to Moodboards)


Great, you already have a branding visual and logo design prepared for your business! But as a startup or small business just starting up, you should consider different brand attributes and find a way to present them well. Otherwise, you might not be on the same page as your design team. Designers and creatives often […]

7 Logo Design Principles That Will Get You Through the Industry!

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A logo is an essential part of a company and brand, but it’s also a dilemma many people need help with. Many people might wonder: What should the logo look like? Which is better, plain text or graphics, or maybe both? What could be too much for your design? Logo design is undeniably one of […]